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You cannot get a three-door. Rather than offer adjustable suspension, Peugeot has instead delivered a one-size-fits-all solution that perfectly suits the car — it's firm, but never harsh. The GTi isn't perfect, but nor does it deserve the patronising 'it's getting there' that's so often applied to Peugeot as it finds its way back from the dark days. What's more, there's no dual-clutch gearbox option — it's three pedals or bust. Wayve to start autonomous car trials in London. More specs. It's much more than a comfortable and practical hatchback with a wicked turn of speed. Absolutely diddly squat has been done to the mechanicals either an act of supreme confidence or laziness while the aesthetic tweaks are minor at best. The result is plenty of meat left after 10, miles and a blitz around Silverstone. Read more CAR magazine long-term tests.

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    It's the Peugeot GTI The same Peugeot Sport-fettled version of France's answer to the Focus ST, Leon Cupra et al. Read the full. Peugeot GTI review: a surprisingly wild hot hatch The Peugeot GTI represents a tweak of name and spec sheet rather than a.

    CAR magazine's Peugeot GTI long-term test review by Ben Barry. Ben Barry . Our reviewers: fresh perspectives for inquisitive minds.
    If the Peugeot feels every bit as fast as the class-leading Frenchman in a straight line, it lags slightly behind in the corners.

    Used Peugeot GTi ( ) Review Parkers

    Pricing Guides Anything else, however creditable, is quite difficult to recommend. What we like Lower kerb weight than its rivals means that pound for pound, the Pug has better acceleration, braking and handling.

    images 308 gti 270 review sites

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    Peugeot GTI review a surprisingly wild hot hatch Top Gear

    When combined with the aggressive bucket seats that just don't work for the truly tall, rotund or any combination of the two, it doesn't shape up as an enticing long-distance companion.

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    images 308 gti 270 review sites

    Stiffer suspension bushings at all four corners should enable more precise handling and better control feedback. The GTi doesn't follow the rules of suspension design, either, with an ostensibly inferior torsion beam rear setup.

    First Drive review Peugeot GTi

    The GTi is well-equipped as standard and there are few ways to really personalise your car. Our opinion is the subtle styling of the GTi, with its dual exhaust pipes, 18 or inch alloy wheels, bespoke front and rear bumpers, diffuser and side sills, suits more restrained shades.

    The Peugeot GTi hot hatch gets some minor tweaks inside and out – but the French manufacturer hasn't dared to mess with the.

    Peugeot GTi rear; Peugeot badging; Peugeot GTi front grille; The Peugeot GTi is the latest instalment in a line of fast French.

    Review of the new Peugeot GTithe hottest hatchback that Peugeot makes and a rival to the VW Golf GTI and Ford Focus ST.

    Review Peugeot GTi and prove less can be more

    By John.
    The in-house bucket seats grip you reassuringly, and the compact leather wheel extends all the way out into your chest. View all Peugeot Leasing Deals.

    This suggests the engineers have got everything set up perfectly. Peugeot's in-house bucket seats are a match for the units you get from the Recaro factory. Continue to Prices and specs.

    images 308 gti 270 review sites

    Fuel consumption.

    308 gti 270 review sites
    Continue to Prices and specs. Have you considered? When you live with a car, niggles gain sharper focus: the nuclear siren that goes off when you open the door to check kerb-to-pavement distance while still in gear; the glovebox filled almost entirely by HVAC plumbing; the rear seats that were a bit tight for my five-year-old in her car seat.

    Peugeot’s hottest hatch GTI review () Top Gear

    Craig Jamieson. The other deviation from the norm is their massive size. Challenger 2, fastest piston-powered car in the world, heading to auction Read More.





    With some serious tech, like a mechanical limited-slip differential, four-pot racing brakes and massive mm rotors, it's the wild child spiritual successor to the original cat among the pigeons, the Alfa Romeo GTA.

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