Apollo hall bennington vermont


images apollo hall bennington vermont

Black leather case with "Samuel H. When the war started, the April 25, paper was unequivocal in an editorial titled, "Down with the traitors. Wainscoating half-way up the walls and copy of Gilbert Stuart's painting of George Washington above higher section of wall. Eagle holds banner in beak above branch and arrows in talons. The Bennington Zouaves apparently did not make the cut. Powered by Creative Circle Media Solutions. Houses lining street, two people on sidewalk on right. Symbol for the Grange below: open writing compass with sun between the legs, square above. Belonged to William P. Pratt served with distinction, rose to Lt.

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  • Bennington, Vermont, United States, a writing and editing company based out of Route 67 A, Bennington, Vermont, dining hall staff.

    The spirit of abolition was strong in Vermont before the war.

    images apollo hall bennington vermont

    and 20,at Apollo Hall in Bennington, one of the largest halls in town and. Second Vermont was destined to fight with the Army of the Potomac in most of the About fifty men met at Apollo Hall in late May for the purpose of forming a.
    Anthony Lodge No.

    images apollo hall bennington vermont

    Black and white photo postcard of Men in Knights of Columbus uniform marching down unpaved road. Trimmed on sides with white binding. Because there was no regulation uniform at the start of the war, many of them were made of gray cloth," Morgan said. The Banners from that era did not disappoint.

    images apollo hall bennington vermont

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    images apollo hall bennington vermont
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    Occuring June 25, at Middlebury, Vermont.

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    Morgan detailed numerous other items of interest. Back engraved with owner's name and date.

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    The position of Assistant Deputy required Haswell to take responsibility of the lodges in his District by instructing them in the rules and regulations of Freemasonary. Cover and first pages missing. On the last meeting the presentation of 25 and 50 year buttons is given with Ralph Amos Burt receiving a 50 year button.

    A week after the war started, people from Bennington and the area packed Apollo Hall "to consider and determine on the present condition and.

    Howard Coffin, Vermont's modern Civil War scholar, suggests that the roots of the.

    nington's Apollo Hall and the next night another meeting was held to form. The theme celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Green Mountain Christian Center, the Masonic Hall, and the Putnam Hotel.
    Belonged to William P.

    Blackmer of Bennington, Vermont when he became a 33rd degree Mason on September 28, Reed for Brother S. Crowd gathered in front of stage set up in front of the Masonic Lodge on East Main Street, Bennington, Vermont at the ceremony to dedicate the cornerstone, August 16, Lists committee members, floor director and aids, and the officers of the Taft Commandery, and the concert program.

    Blackmer himself.

    images apollo hall bennington vermont
    They were the people who watched their boys go off to war, perhaps never to return.

    Toggle navigation Main menu. Details the supporters of the temple.

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    Eight-sided bronze memento, medal of the Masonic Supreme Council meeting in Charleston, South Carolina, which was the birthplace of the Masonic Supreme Council in Anthony Lodge No.





    Dark blue ribbon bows tied in upper corners. Sides have monkeys with eagles.

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