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images jukka hintikka tampereen yliopistollinen

This study also supports both the clinical use and research use of quantitative radiological classification of lateral spinal stenosis. The exclusion criteria were as follows: emergency or urgent spinal surgery precluding recruitment and protocol investigations; cognitive impairment prohibiting completion of the questionnaires or other failures in cooperation, and the presence of metallic particles in the body preventing the magnetic resonance imaging investigation. The aforementioned study, however, was retrospective and patient symptoms were evaluated only by the ODI scale. Varaa vastaanotto puhelimitse. Yhteystiedot ja puhelinluettelo.

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    Jukka Hintikka of Tampere University, Tampere (UTA) | Read 5 publications | Contact Jukka Hintikka. Jukka Hintikka. The association between psychosocial factors and gastrointestinal symptoms is unclear. It has been proposed that they simply drive health-care. Jukka Laine is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Jukka Laine and others you may know.

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    Changes in cross-sectional measurements of the spinal canal and intervertebral foramina as a function of body position: in vivo studies on an open-configuration MR system.

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    The definition of the outcome by different outcome measures of surgical and non-surgical treatment requires clarification. Am J Ind Med. To the best of our knowledge, there are no previous studies validating the retrospective evaluation of surgical outcome for lumbar spinal stenosis.

    Few studies have investigated surgical treatment of lateral spinal stenosis.

    images jukka hintikka tampereen yliopistollinen
    Jukka hintikka tampereen yliopistollinen
    In our study, scoliosis also predicted a worse postoperative outcome in the ODI and treadmill test, but not worse LBP.

    Accordingly, preoperative patient selection is considered critical. Clin J Pain.

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    BMC Musculoskelet Disord 29; The number of stenotic levels was also dichotomously classified as 1 one-level stenosis or 2 two or more stenotic levels. The main aim of this study was to assess the correlation of preoperative MRI findings with clinical symptoms and electromyography EMG findings and to determine whether preoperative MRI findings can be used to predict surgical outcome at the two-year follow-up.

    Jukka Hintikka Tampereen Yliopistolta.

    Yleisössä oli mm. Valkeen perustaja, entinen toimitus- ja tieteellinen johta- ja Juuso Nissilä. Jurvelinin ytimekkään ”​lectio. Professor Jukka Hintikka, M.D., Ph.D. Department of Psychiatry project.

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    The Tampere Depression (TADEP) Study found clinical depression in a tenth of. TAMPERE Oulun yliopisto; Psykiatrian klinikka, Oulun yliopistollinen Rissanen ML, Honkalampi K, Kylma J, Tolmunen T & Hintikka J . Nevalainen, Jukka () Utilisation of the structure of the retinal.
    Mannion AF, Elfering A. A comprehensive study of patients with surgically treated lumbar spinal stenosis with neurogenic claudication.

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    Spine Phila Pa Categories were considered abnormal. In fact, at rest, patients may even seem asymptomatic You had great thoughts and viewpoints regarding my manuscripts, and which contributed to their subsequent publication.

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    Accordingly, preoperative patient selection is considered critical [].

    images jukka hintikka tampereen yliopistollinen
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    Academy of Finland Research Programme Lastu Congratulations to the students that graduated from Centria University of Applied Sciences between September and December For this thesis, we retrospectively analysed the epidemiology of Kuopio University Hospital LSS decompression and disk herniation surgery patients using background data, and evaluated a retrospective outcome scale for these patients according to previously validated retrospective outcome scales I.

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    The present study adds to the current knowledge by showing that there is no straightforward association between stenosis of dural sac and patient symptoms or functional capacity, which indicates that dural sac stenosis is not the only key in the pathophysiology of LSS. Eur Spine J ; This study shows that pre-operative lumbar spine MRI imaging can predict the two-year clinical outcome in LSS surgery patients.

    Unfortunately such methods are not available for clinical routine.





    To compare preoperative, visually and quantitatively evaluated radiological central lumbar spinal canal stenosis with preoperative patient symptoms and clinical findings in patients with LSS II. If necessary, vertebral levels can be fused with a bone graft — with or without instrumentation — to prevent progression of the spondylolisthesis.

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