Suomi 9mm semi auto rifle review


Remove Advertisement. Unless of your course you happen to hail from Finland. Deer Hunting Recommended for you. Search tags for this page. Koskinen and Lieutenant L. Snow on ground.

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  • I have owned this rifle for a couple months, but just got around to I could not help but purchase this semi-automatic KP/ (M31) built by TNW out of Oregon.

    Review *** Suomi M31

    I was amazed by the KP/'s heft, especially for a 9mm firearm. Part carbine, part submachine gun, it was simply devastating. in a smaller package, the 9mm cartridge's shorter case ensured the gun would be First off, in order to pass as semi-automatic only firearm and not a converted. Hey folks, Anybody here own one of the Suomi M31 9MM semi-auto rifles?

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    Andrew Suomi 9mm Semi-Auto Rifle Part #RIFLE-SUOMI. they don't seem to be the best quality, judging from the reviews I see elsewhere online.
    Sep 26, 2. This is just such a solid piece of machinery; the weight is a natural part of it.

    Aimo Lahti experimented with a round Thompson-type spring-loaded clockwork drum to replace it, but it was never adopted. AndrewA74Sep 26, Its round quad-column "Casket" box magazine was more reliable than the early round "bullets loaded nose down" drum magazine, and similar applications were used on the Argentinian C-4 submachine gun and present-day round 5.

    Replies: 0 Last Post:PM. You may lose accuracy.

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    The barrel ended at this point and just barely could be seen protruding from the end. Anyway, mental note have lots of your favorite lube ready when you get one of these. Being naturally strong willed and physically imposing, the warriors of Finland prepared for a fight, one which would take place on their soil and in their homes.

    Bolt bottom looking into slot for striker to hit firing pin. It was chambered for the weak 9mm Browning Long [9x20mmSR] cartridge, which required a rear-slanting magazine well. Sep 29, 7.

    TNW Firearms, Inc. Manufacturers of the semi-autoM2HB and MG This is Finnish M31 Suomi 9mm Submachine gun style, in. The Suomi KP31/M31 was a revolutionary Sub Machine Gun (SMG) designed and SUOMI M31 9mm Semi-Automatic (currently available for US purchase). Anybody know if semi-auto Suomi 31 rifles are accurate and reliable?

    I've never heard of this gun and I'm looking to learn more.
    Aimo Lahti was displeased with this revision, believing that it decreased muzzle velocity and reduced the weapon's reliability, and even sought in vain to have the unknown designer of the brake court-martialed.

    In the receiver cap is a small adjustable vent for that purpose. If it was already cocked, the bolt will just ride back over it as the charging handle is pulled.

    images suomi 9mm semi auto rifle review

    I ordered an extra stick and two drums. How to field dress a deer. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Tension can be adjusted.

    ZOMBTAC Zombie Tactical, Suomi M31 9 mm Rifle Review

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    Privacy Policy. Sep 26, 2. Militaria Magazine in French. I bought the KIT The stick magazine however, served as my handhold when it was inserted, or the wood part right behind the gun.

    KP/31 Suomi Review

    Also, they didn't send any paperwork in the box with the rifle, and my FFL had to fax Centerfire to get the paperwork. The second drum fits and locks fine.

    The Suomi KP/ is a submachine gun (SMG) of Finnish design that was mainly used during Ultimately, roughly half of the KP/s in Finnish service were of the SJR In close combat the weapon would overheat in sustained automatic fire, redesigned Husquarna Kpist M37/39 chambered in 9mm Parabellum with a.

    Although manufacturing of the Suomi in Finland ceased init was widely used This Suomi M31 has been converted to Semi-Automatic and fires 9mm.
    I'm really getting weary of Centerfire, this is the second time I've had an order screwed up the first time I thought it was just an honest mistake, but now I wonder. Namespaces Article Talk. Replies: 0 Last Post:PM.

    Suomi M31 9mm Springfield XD Forum

    Once inside, gun unloaded, I pulled the charging handle to the rear but the bolt didn't move. The Soviet forces had three times as many soldiers as the Finns, thirty times as many aircraft, and a hundred times as many tanks. The rifle is built like a tank.

    I would like a bolt hold back for use on the range and for cleaning, but removing the barrel is easy enough so why worry.

    Tension can be adjusted. Loading playlists Sign in to report inappropriate content. Remember the original barrel would have gone only as far as the front sight, the rest of the shroud and compensator would still be out there.





    We were more interested in its function as early production examples sub serial numbers have been known to have some mechanical issues. The stick mags for the Thompson were also preferred because they didn't rattle like the drums.

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