Uk visa algeria appointment


images uk visa algeria appointment

We charge fees for some of our services. If the person needing the emergency travel document is under 16, a parent or guardian should apply on their behalf. The visa fees are paid only by cash or postal order when lodged at the Consulate no cheque, no debit or credit card and only by postal order made payable to "The Algerian Consulate" when sent by mail no cash no cheque otherwise the application will be rejected. Any data collected is anonymised. These include printed copies of your appointment confirmation and online application form, your passport, and any other documents to show you meet the Immigration rules. At the appointment your documents will be reviewed and you will have your photo and fingerprints taken. Join or Log Into Facebook.

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  • TLScontact is a commercial company that works with UK Visas & Immigration in order to make your visa application, pay visa fee and book your appointment. The British Embassy in Algeria maintains and develops relations between the UK and Algeria. Office hours: The Service is open to the public on Mondays and Thursdays from am To pm (local time). Please book an appointment by visiting our.
    Speech of Mrs the Consul Note that this British Embassy is closed on Fridays and Saturdays however they do operate on Sundays.

    Call the embassy before you arrive to ensure that they are open.

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    UK in Algeria. Also, applications by post must be sent at this address. Please write first and last names of applicant in pencil on back of photos.

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    images uk visa algeria appointment
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    Track your passport. Biometric Passport.

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    Office hours: The Service is open to the public on Mondays and Thursdays from 9. During certain periods of the year summer holidays, New Year's holidays, Ramadhan, Eid celebrationsthe processing time may be extended by 5 more working days for each period indicated above.

    images uk visa algeria appointment

    Related Posts British Embassy in Angola 1. We may be able to offer notarial services, including oaths, affirmation or affidavits, witnessing a signature and making a certified copy of a document such as a passport. All non-algerians need to apply for a visa to enter Algeria.

    BETA: This is a trial service. Visa application fees.

    British Embassy Algiers

    1Select the country you are making your application from. Select Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria. No information is available for this page.

    images uk visa algeria appointment

    Step 1 Visit where you can find out what visa you You have to do this before attending your appointment. El Achour, Algiers.
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    Algerian Consulate in London Visa to Algeria

    Select Country option available only for CC User. The Consulate is not responsible for delays of postal services ; Fees must be paid in GB Pound only, either by cash or postal order, payable to the consulate of Algeria, if the application is sent by mail. Nationals of the states mentioned below, holding diplomatic passports do not need a visa to travel to Algeria: Argentina, Croitia, France, Germany, HungaryRomania.

    images uk visa algeria appointment
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    Others foreign citizens must provide proof of residence in the UK or Ireland; Regardless their age, kids traveling with parents need a visa.

    Who needs a visa to enter Algeria? Track your passport. Step 4 Prepare your documents for your appointment.

    British Embassy in Algeria British Consulate

    The application forms must be fully filled on screen Answer all the questions and fill out all the sectionsprinted, dated and signed by the applicant. These are holidays on which the British Embassy in Algeria is closed. Read our notarial and documentary services page for more information on legalisation.





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