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images vampire diaries delena story

Damon saves Bonnie's life and they go to the Salvatore boarding house to say their goodbyes to Elena, deciding that they will allow Bonnie to live her life and, when she dies, Elena will wake. Bodies got dropped, Matt Donovan got angry. He seems stoic at first but when Julian is brought back to life, shows his playful, joyful side. The arrangement transpired after a bargain for his blood that would cure Damon of the werewolf bite he had received from Tyler. Share Selection. After a tumultuous, back and forth relationship, Damon and Elena get back together at the end of the season, and they choose to sacrifice themselves together to save Stefan and Alaric and their other friends on the Other Side.

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    "The show was so Delena-heavy. And their love was such an epic love and such a big story point for so many years that it's a strange dynamic. A Delena Story - The vampire Diaries.

    images vampire diaries delena story

    Reads 10 Votes 2 Part Story. DelenaLoverForever By DelenaLoverForever Ongoing - Updated Jun 27, A Vampire Diaries Fanfiction. On the night of the party when Elena's parents were supposed to die driving off the bridge she met Damon before she could call.
    With his final moments looming, Elena curls up to the dying Damon and kisses him gently.

    In an interview before the season finale, Julie Plec stated that "This year, she's had a very traumatic roller coaster of life experience and it's changed her irrevocably—and at the center of it all was the diehard belief that she loved Damon, that she loved him more than she'd ever loved anyone. However, Damon is committed to staying true to Elena, and doing right by her. In order for Bonnie to be "alive" again, she must swap places with Amara and become the new anchor.

    Damon is bitten by Tyler the werewolf at the end of the season. Kol compels Damon to stake himself and later to kill Jeremy and to forget what Kol compelled him to do. Kai stumbles into the hospital injured.

    images vampire diaries delena story
    Elena takes the cure, which breaks the compulsion, and her memories of Damon return to her.

    He met her while searching for Klaus and hooked up with her shortly after. She had no recollection as to how the necklace was returned to her. McQueenin tow. We last see them walking hand in hand in the afterlife before reuniting with their respective families.

    The Vampire Diaries Damon Salvatore Ian Somerhalder The CW The battle between “Delena” (Damon/Elena) and “Stelena” (Stefan/Elena).

    Delena or Stelena? The Vampire Diaries fans have been debating whether Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev) should be with Damon Salvatore (Ian.

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    Damon Salvatore is a fictional character in The Vampire Diaries novel series. He is portrayed . When Damon returns, he attempts to help her remember their love story, but the compulsion will not break. Not remembering any of the good.
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    This feature is not available right now. Gil T 1, views. Damon and Elena then both individually discover that Elena is sired to Damon, making Elena's feelings unfortunately known; however, Elena insists that her love for Damon is the most real thing that she's ever felt in her entire life.

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    images vampire diaries delena story
    Loading playlists Damon starts season 4 at Elena's bedside after finding out about her dying with vampire blood in her system, causing her to start the transition to Vampire.

    Dorine Pierre 1, views. Sign in. Not remembering any of the good things about Damon, Elena still decides to give him another chance.

    Some TV love stories have a way of sticking with viewers, but no prime-time romance has come close to the When the CW's “Vampire Diaries” kicks off its sixth season on Oct. 2, the . The 'Delena' ship officially sails.
    YouTube Premium. Elena and Damon then begin to mend fences, and Elena gives him an affectionate hug to help comfort him after Rose's death.

    Damon & Elena’s 10 best moments from ‘The Vampire Diaries’

    She does, and begins to suffer from hallucinations at the end of the episode. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Eventually they return to Mystic Falls to grow old together, where they died together of old age.

    images vampire diaries delena story
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    But mostly, he likes to take care of himself and do the dirty work, in his own sadistic ways.

    Watch Queue Queue. Top Talent Recommended for you. In season 6, Elena is unable to move on from Damon's death months later. Though Stefan is still very much in the picture despite a rough patch with his lady loveElena finds herself drawn to the elder Salvatore.

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    When she meets up with him, they talk until he runs to Amara.

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