Wavelength selective switch pptx


images wavelength selective switch pptx

Turn a ceiling fan into a wind turbine generator?! Like this video? When a pattern of phase delays are applied to multiple liquid crystal cells, as shown in the center picture, it begins to function like a reflective grating. Views Read Edit View history. Add to.

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  • All data packets from all wavelengths, fibers, are processed and rerouted towards next node A key technological element: Wavelength Selective Switch (WSS). WSS has become the central heart of modern DWDM reconfigurable Agile Optical Network (AOC).​ WSS can dynamically route, block and attenuate all DWDM wavelengths within a network node.​ The following figure shows a diffraction grating and MEMS based 1×2 wavelength selective switch.

    images wavelength selective switch pptx

    PowerPoint PresentationGÉANT Dark Fibre. The addition of Wavelength Selective Switches (WSS) on the drop side of the SURFnet.
    Features in common use include such things as shaping the power levels within a channel or broadcasting the optical signal to more than one port. Add to. Blue to the top, green in the middle, and red to the bottom.

    images wavelength selective switch pptx

    So by controlling applied voltage patterns on multiple liquid crystal cells, we can control reflective angle beta. The offsets created by the liquid crystal stack cause the resulting spectrally recombined beams to be spatially offset, and hence to focus, through a lens array, into separate fibers.

    images wavelength selective switch pptx
    Wavelength selective switch pptx
    Gravity Visualized - Duration: Fiber Optics For Sale Co.

    Namespaces Article Talk. It works well in the presence of a continuous signal, allowing the mirror tracking circuits to dither the mirror and maximise coupling.

    The left side picture shows an actual WSS product from Finisar. Autoplay When autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next.

    Wavelength selective switching components are used in WDM optical communications networks to route (switch) signals between optical fibres on a. x port switches have been reported [39] and multi thousand port switches appear to be feasible.


    What Is Wavelength Selective Switch–WSS – Fosco Connect

    How many of you are considering to lease a wavelength or multiple wavelengths . Key Functional Block: Wavelength Selective Switch (WSS).
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    A software controlled binary liquid crystal stack, individually tilts each optical channel and a second grating or a second pass of the first grating is used to spectrally recombine the beams. Loading playlists In particular the bands of wavelengths which are switched together channels need not be preconfigured in the optical hardware but can be programmed into the switch through the software control.

    Liquid crystal switching avoids both the high cost of small volume MEMS fabrication and potentially some of its fixed channel limitations.

    images wavelength selective switch pptx
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    Cancel Unsubscribe. During manufacturing, the channels must be carefully aligned with the mirrors, complicating the manufacturing process. Sign in.

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    Amplifier. 1xn Wavelength Selective Switch (WSS).

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    (with Variable Optical Amplifier (VOA)). (color-selective Mux/Demux).

    40/80ch Multiplexer. PDF | In this tutorial we attempt to provide a holistic view of switching and routing in spatially and spectrally flexible elastic WSS: Wavelength-selective switch.
    The light from the input port is first expanded and collimated by the collimation optics. These lights are still collimated, so next they are focused by the focusing optics and projected onto the switching element.

    LCoS-based WSS also permit dynamic control of channel centre frequency and bandwidth through on-the-fly modification of the pixel arrays via embedded software. It can be advantageous, for achieving resolution and coupling efficiency, to employ a combination of a reflective or transmissive grating and a prism — known as a GRISM.

    Throughput - Duration: This is advantageous from a manufacturability perspective, with different channel plans being able to be created from a single platform and even different operating bands such as C and L being able to use an identical switch matrix.

    images wavelength selective switch pptx
    Wavelength selective switch pptx
    The operation of the WSS can be bidirectional so the wavelengths can be multiplexed together from different ports onto a single common port.

    There is also a reflective layer to reflect light, this is called a reflective LCoS. MEMS based WSS typically produce good extinction ratios, but poor open loop performance for setting a given attenuation level. COM - Duration: CanonUSA Recommended for you. With a conventional grating, the wavelengths are separated into different angles. Then the light is projected onto the dispersive element.





    The structure is that many liquid crystal cells are made on a silicon wafer.

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